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WallArt - Ultimate Design Wall Paint Box

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Want stunning wall design without the hassle of Wallpaper?

Hate spending hours painting using stencils?

design paint box finish wall painting in minutes

Our WallArt will brighten up your room with stunning designs - in few minutes. Guaranteed! With the Ultimate Wall Design Paint Box (Find Your Choice of Design Rollers - Click Here) you can avoid the pain of installing and removing wallpapers, and it can save you valuable time and money too.


  • CREATE JAW-DROPPING DESIGNS: in a SINGLE pass with our Ultimate Design Paint Wall Box. The secret is in the Special Paint Applicator working harmoniously with the WallArt - Design Paint Roller to produce seamless Wall Design.

Living Room Wall Design with Pattern Paint Roller

  • EASILY SWITCH BETWEEN DESIGNS: WallArt lets you swap between different Design Rollers, in seconds. This is super handy for painting unique design for different rooms. How about a relaxing flower design for your bedroom or an abstract art for your study? Find your choice of Design Roller - Click Here

  • FINISH PAINTING IN MINUTES: Unlike wallpapers or stencils, the Design Paint Roller makes it super easy to paint designs on a wall, and within minutes you'll be able to gaze at the effortless transformation you have made to your home - without a mess or dripping.

how to use design paint box with pattern roller

  • EASILY REPLACE/REPAINT: Unlike wallpaper, the Design Paint Roller lets you easily replace the worn out painting with new design or repaint using the same design roller.
  • ALTERNATIVE TO WALLPAPER: Using WallArt Design Paint Roller is the best alternative to wallpaper for many reasons. Wallpapers are time consuming to install, expensive, hard to remove and peels & fades over time. Avoid all these pains, transform your home with our Ultimate Design Paint Roller.

Wallpaper peels and causes lots of pain

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY: Wallpapers and painting using stencils could take hours, if not days to complete. You can use our WallArt Design Roller and finish it in minutes. Plus, wallpapers are expensive and NOT DIY friendly.
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO USE: The easy clip and lock system is designed to make your painting job a breeze. Simply pour the paint, insert the special applicator & design roller and get painting - How simple is that?

Design Pattern Paint Roller Easily Swap Rollers

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT: The premium ABS materials used in the paint box makes it very durable, lightweight and easy to paint - without any heavy lifting. The Design Paint Roller is made of high quality silicone material to produce a smooth finish. The tool is also compact and easy to disassemble for cleaning and storage.

Design Paint Roller Size with Applicator

  • AVOID HARMFUL ADHESIVES & WALL DAMAGE: Our Design Pattern Paint roller let's you paint without causing any damages to the wall. Wallpapers can use some harmful adhesive for sticking and can damage your wall, if not removed with care.

How It Works?

  • The paint is drawn to the design roller by a special paint applicator.
  • The applicator evenly applies the paint onto the design roller
  • When the design roller is rolled against the wall the paint creates beautiful patterns
  • The seamless process repeats as the roller is moved across the wall to effortlessly transform your room with extraordinary design

What's Included?

Your Choice of Bundle:

1 x WallArt - Ultimate Design Wall Painting Box ONLY (No Design Roller Included)


1 x WallArt - Ultimate Design Wall Painting Box + Design Roller (Model 066Y) - Most Popular Bundle

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