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Stacked - Baby Milk Powder Dispenser

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Struggle to make milk for your baby, quickly, at night? Or when you are on the go?

baby crying for milk

Our Stacked Baby Milk Powder Dispenser will save you valuable time in preparing the milk to feed your hungry hippo.

The convenient side nozzle design lets you pour out the infant formula directly into the baby milk bottle without the need of a scoop.

side nozzle design to pour baby formula

We understand how important it's for you, as a mom, to calm your baby and quickly prepare milk.

Which is why we have designed our Baby Formula Container with Nozzle in each layer, to save you time & stress. No more hunting for scoops or wasting time!baby milk formula container with side nozzle opening



  • Prepare Milk, Fast: When your baby is hungry there's no time to waste. Calm your baby fast by preparing milk quickly with our instant pour & mix milk powder dispenser with side nozzle.
pour and mix milk for your baby with milk powder box

  • Convenience at Home or On the Go: Prepare milk for your baby. instantly, without going to the pantry in the middle of the night. Make it easy on yourself and for the little one. Conveniently take milk powder, snacks, fruits, biscuits, etc. when you go shopping, travel or picnicing in the park.
outdoor and at home use of infant formula layered box with side open


  • Large, Air Tight Containers: Keep your baby's infant formula fresh with our air tight containers. Each container can hold up to 60 grams / 2.1 ounces of milk powder, enough to prepare a bottle of milk for your little one.

large milk powder capacity dispenser

  • Great for Dry & Wet Food: The container is suitable to hold both dry (milk powder, biscuits, lollies, etc) and wet food (fruit slices, puree, etc)

dry and wet food layered baby container box

  • Portable & Easy to Carry: Both 3 and 4 layer baby milk powder dispensers are super portable, take it with you anywhere you go! It also comes with the soft handle at the top to hold or hang the box.
portable side opening layered baby milk powder dispenser
  • Safe & Premium Material: Our Stacked 3 and 4 Layered Baby Milk Powder Containers are made of high quality and BPA Free, Food Grade material that's safe to store your baby food & milk powder. It's also has a cute bear design on the cap.
safe bpa free baby milk powder box
  • Easy to Clean: The smooth surface of the box lets you easily and quickly clean the containers
smooth surgace easy to clean baby milk powder box

    What's Included?

     1 x Stacked - Baby Milk Powder Dispenser (Color & Size of your choice)

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    Customer Reviews

    (4.9 / 5.0 Ratings - 11 Reviews)

    Tigan A.
    21 Aug 2020
    baby milk powder container review
    Exactly as described. Great quality and love the side nozzle, so handy

    Ursula Y. 
    24 Aug 2020
    baby milk powder dispenser review 
    Very good quality. absolute bargain. Got two of each size. 

    Jess B. 
    20 Aug 2020
    baby milk powder box review
    I had been using similar product without the side opening. what a world of difference this little thing brings at night, when I'm half a sleep making milk for my 10 month old

    Kathryn C. 
    22 Aug 2020
    baby milk powder layered container with side opening review
    Surely this must be the most useful thing I had bought for saving myself the stress of mixing milk while my baby cries nonstop. Saviour!

    Ash N. 
    19 Aug 2020
    stacked baby milk powder container review
    Super high quality. recommend buying two. I'll be ordering more.

    Priya R. 
    13 Aug 2020
    baby milk powder stacked dispenser review
    This is cute and so beautiful. Super convenient and fits right in my nappy bag.

    Mariyam O. 
    20 Aug 2020
    baby milk powder stacked box review
    Absolutely love it. my 1 year old hugs this more than his favorite toy. Also very easy when taking it with me or keeping things ready at night for that hunger cry :)

    Olivia P. 
    23 Aug 2020
    baby milk powderlayered dispenser review
    Got mine today, super quality. I can already see this is going to save me a lot of time at night. The side opening nozzle will make it easy for me to mix milk soon.

    Gisele T. 
    16 Aug 2020
    baby milk powder stacked box set review
    Perfect. functional and as in photo

    Amber R. 
    13 Aug 2020
    baby milk powder stacked container
    Excellent. Thank you. was looking for similar thing in Target, couldn't find any.

    Laura J. 
    22 Aug 2020
    baby milk powder container box
    Top! very practical milk powder box. must have you have a baby and use formula for milk.

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