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SleepBud - Most Advanced Sleep Assistant

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Have you been tossing and turning in your bed?

Do you want to fall asleep soon and wake up energized? 

Then you need the SleepBud to sleep like a baby and feel energized once you wake up. The Breakthrough Microcurrent Technology sends low frequency electrical signals to your brain to simulate & induce relaxation and sleep, just by placing the SleepBud on your palm.

Whether you suffer from insomnia, difficulty falling asleep or poor sleep quality either due to stress, depression, tension, pain and other ailments or conditions, our SleepBud will help you.


Sleep Better: Sound sleep is key to good physical & mental health and positive energy. SleepBud helps you sleep like a baby without tossing and turning in your bed for hours. It lets you fall asleep quicker and gets you that deep sleep with its innovative, proven technology.

Relieves Stress & Anxiety: Often work related stress or anxiety are the dominant reasons for lack of sound sleep or less than recommended hours of sleep. The tension and stress can build up over time and cause serious sleep disorders or difficulty in falling asleep. SleepBud can relieve stress and anxiety by inducing and promoting Alpha brain waves to reduce tension and stress.

Non-Invasive Alternative to Drugs: A perfect alternative to avoid the harmful and addictive sleep medications that can impact your overall biological health. SleepBud could be your go to therapy before you consider medication that can be a lifelong saga. Helps you fall asleep naturally by inducing brain activity by just holding onto the SleepBud.

Be Energized During the Day and At Work: Our SleepBud is not just to make you sleep well and wake up energized, you can also use it during the day and at work to boost your energy levels to concentrate and feel positive, all day long. Simply place it on your right palm and set to your intensity level.

Improves Quality of Life: Research after research has shown that having a healthy diet, regular exercise and sound sleep can positively improve your quality of life, both physical & mental. SleepBud is your best choice to get a better and well deserved sleep, if you are struggling to focus during the day and find yourself lacking quality sleep.

Tech Behind SleepBud:

Our device works using combined and scientifically-documented principles of palmar stimulation, similar to acupuncture or acupressure, and electrotherapy stimulation, by which the chemical and electrical activity of the brain is modulated to promote a desired state.

The microcurrent signals emitted by our device are relayed, through the body's meridians, to the brain's central nerve system where they regulate the activity of neurotransmitters related to sleep, relaxation, mood and pain management.

Use & Care

For sleeping and relaxation:

  1. Place the device in your left hand (whether you're right- or left-handed), with the metal part directly against your palm.

  2. Turn it on by rotating the top of the device then adjust power at will, by rotating further; turn it off by rotating back to the starting position.
    The device automatically stops after 20 minutes.

  3. Make it a consistent habit of your sleep routine

Please note that, depending on the severity of the sleep disorder, it may take several days to weeks (particularly if sleep medication was taken for months or years) for SleepBud to effect change. SleepBud trains your mind to find sleep again, and as will all types of training results come with consistency and repetition.

For mood and energy stimulation:

  1. Place the device in your right hand (whether you're right- or left-handed), with the metal part directly against your palm

  2. Press the M button to activate the stimulation mode


Taking care of your SleepBud is very easy:
- charge it with the supplied USB cable
- if necessary, you may clean it using a wet wipe and soap

What's Included?

1 x SleepBud - Most Advanced Sleep Assistant (color of your choice)

1 x USB Cable

1 x Instruction Manual


Input voltage: DC 5V / 1A
Working power: 0.5W, 2a-5 working current
Battery duration: 17h-20h, based on 20 minutes for each use, about 50+ times
Charging time: 1h
Charging interface: Micro USB

Shipping: Due to high demand for this product, our estimated delivery times are 2-4 weeks from shipment date for US, CA, AU, NZ and EU Countries. Longer delivery times for all other countries. Note, due to ongoing coronavirus crisis and new/existing restrictions in your country may cause some delays in delivery.

Safety & Precautions

Since the product has not been specifically tested and observed for side effects in the following population, it is not clear whether it is harmful to the population. Based on the precaution principle, the following restrictions apply:

  1. Do not use if you have implanted electronic devices (such as pacemakers) should use them with caution
  1. Do not use when around high-frequency equipment, short-wave or microwave treatment equipment
  1. Do not apply the device directly onto the chest
  1. Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy
  1. Do not use if you recently suffered from an hemorrhagic stroke

  2. Do not use when pregnant or trying to conceive

In addition, please observe the following safety guidelines:

  1. Do not use when driving
  1. Do not use when operating complex and dangerous mechanical instruments
  1. Avoid prolonged usage (do not exceed 2 x 20 minutes per session)
  1. If your skin reacts negatively to the use of the device, stop and seek medical advice

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