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Platr - Food Art Pen

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Want to take your food photography & Blogging to the next level?

Want your YouTube Channel or Instagram post to go viral?

Then, you need our uniquely designed, Food Art Pen - Platr - to exquisitely decorate your food, to create scroll stopping masterpieces

Simply fill the pen with your sauce or cream, and start decorating your plate

Why You Need This Pen:

Endless Decorations: Draw perfect lines, smooth curves, or precise patterns be it letters, arcs, dots, shapes, smudges, stripes... the list goes on!

 Easy to Use: Our pen is crafted, keeping you in mind, it's no ordinary spoon, it's precise curves & bends makes it easy for anyone to decorate food like a pro

Beat Your Competition: Be one step ahead of your competition and differentiate your food photography, cooking channel or blogging from others by creating engaging content

Create Scroll Stoppers: Make people stop at your thumbnail or post with visually stunning food decoration. Don't settle for boring images.

Explode Your Following: Create beautiful, high quality food decoration with our Platr - food art pen - and convert browsers to followers or subscribers

Works for All Foods: Dessert or Dinner, surprise your following with deliciously decorated food that tingles their taste buds and mesmerizes their senses 

Great for Parties & Home cooking: Hosting a dinner party with friends? Blow their mind with beautifully decorated plate with our food decoration pen. Or take your everyday meal and turn it into a luxurious lunch.

Perfect Christmas Gift: The best Christmas gift you'll give to any food lover, cook or baker in your family or friends

Good to Know:

  • Premium Stainless Steel Material for long lasting use
  • Soft Rubber Grip for extra comfort
  • Meticulously Crafted for ease of use & picture perfect decorations
  • Dishwasher safe  - makes cleaning a breeze

What's Included:

1 x Set of 2 (Large and Small Size) Art Pens

Shipping: Estimated delivery times are 2-4 weeks for US, CA, UK, AU, NZ and all EU Countries. 2-6 weeks for all other countries. Express Shipping option available at the Checkout. Please expect some delays due to ongoing coronavirus crisis.


Customer Reviews

(4.9 / 5.0 Ratings - 5 Reviews)

Trinh B.
20 Oct 2020

I got the set of 2. Good size, they make plating so much easier. I totally recommend them!!

Carter S. 
19 Oct 2020
Perfect spoons. Recommended

Prema J. 
12 Oct 2020

Wonderful tool for decoration. It's so easy to make your plate look like a food from those posh restaurants. My first Instagram post using this pen had 300+ likes within 10 mins of posting, which has never happened. Thank you!

Nigel P. 
18 Oct 2020

Love this art pens, they really work. I use them for my youtube pastry channel and this creates some stunning patterns that I can't make using normal spoon. My subscribers have been providing very positive feedback about my decorations now. Can't believe such a small investment would make such a big difference. A must buy for any YouTube or Instagram admins!

McKay T. 
16 Oct 2020

This makes a lot of difference in what I showcase in my IG food photography posts. Using this pen really takes my decoration to next level. So glad I found this!

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