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About Us

We love unique and useful, products. We looked around and there are big online businesses that sell everything under the sun. Though this maybe good, but it makes it really hard for the average consumer to find an unique product that's new, life changing and makes life easier.

At we wanted to handpick those hidden products and offer them to you. We believe that products that really help simplify life should be easily accessible too. This exact reason is what lead to the birth of ZipJo.

What is ZipJo? "Zip" means many thing but we chose it for "fast". We want to show you great products, fast - without you doing hours of digging. "Jo" is a spin off of "average Joe". In short we want to give the consumer (Jo) the best products out there in a Zip (fast).

We sincerely thank you for being here and truly hope you have a great shopping experience with us.