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Anti-Flat Solid Cycle Tire

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Do you WORRY about FLAT TIRES, when you ride?

Don't let a flat tire RUIN your ride!

Anti-Flat Solid Tire solves flat tire problem

With our Anti-Flat Cycle Tires, you'll NEVER have a flat tire, Guaranteed.

Love cycling? We do too, why would you spoil your bike ride for a flat tire. Make your life easier and go biking without the fear of flat tires, and dream about that next ride.


  • NO FLAT TIRES, EVER: Flat Bike / Cycle tire are the worst enemy for the cyclist. Do you want uninterrupted ride every time? With Anti-Flat tires you'll have no flat tire. Stop spoiling your's and your friend's bike rides and enjoy every ride with confidence, and uninterrupted.
cyclist riding on anti flat solid cycle tire
  • THROW AWAY YOUR AIR PUMP: Forget buying an air pump or if you have one, you don't need to carry the pump with you. Be fearless and go on that rough mountain that you always wanted to try. Go on now, hit the road and ride your passion, pedal to the places you want to go.
anti flat solid tyre needs no air pump
    • SAVE MONEY: You'll not need to buy new tires or tubes when the tires go flat. Save heaps of money on new tires as this anti-flat tires / tyres last longer, don't need any tube replaced or need air pumps.
    • ADDED STABILITY: The holes for heat vent in the tire also helps to get rid of the water, and also keeps the tire more stable, preventing slipping off during rainy days.
    solid cycle tyre has holes that dissipates heat
    • TIRE PATTERN & SIZE: Tire surface with curve tread grooves improves drainage capability and the arrow pattern treading provides strong grip and road support. Our tires fits 700C (wheel size) x 23C or 25C (width) bike wheels.
    anti flat solid tires pattern
    solid tire size
      how to measure your cycle tire
      • LONGER LASTING: Unlike traditional bike / cycle tires with tubes that require air pressure, the solid anti-flat tires can lasts longer, as they don't puncture or tear easily. It's also lightweight and flexible providing that extra edge when you train or race.

      • BEST FOR ALL TERRAINS: Great for road, mountain or cross country cycling. Simply use anywhere and everywhere, use it for riding to work, leisure ride with friends, training or even for that dream cycling event.

      solid tires are great for cycling on all terrains
      • GREAT COLOR CHOICE: Choose from our array of colors. Mix and match them so you look stunning and unique in your ride. Be a cyclist that stands out of the crowd.
      great color choice for solid anti flat cycle tyres
      • SUPREME QUALITY: Our high quality solid tire uses Premium grade Polyurethane material for improved reliability and durability


      how to fit solid cycle tires to wheels

      What's Included?

      1 x Anti-Flat Cycle Tire Only (your choice of color)

      Shipping: Due to extreme demand for this item, the estimated delivery times are 2-4 weeks from shipment.

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